Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Part two of thrifted suit

Blazer/jacket - Part of the thrifted outfit I bought (see previous blog)
Necklace - Found in mom's room
Bag - Roxy
Shorts - Hurley
Heels - Borrowed from sister room (Shhh she doesn't know I took them)

This outfit took me a grand total of 50 seconds to come up with. However, getting ready to take the pictures is another story... This morning I threw on the outfit, heels and all, and then I misplaced my camera. I ran threw out the house searching for it, all the while I had to tip toe in the heels because my dad was still asleep. Lets just say shit would hit the fan if he was awoken by the sound heels walking around the hardwood floors. My calves started to hurt, cause hey have you ever tryed tip toeing in high heels? It's not fun trust me. So I gave up and ran down stairs and stole my dads camera, which could be a good thing because his is sooooooo much better than mine.

In other news, right at the end of taking these pictures my arm went threw the peal neck lace and it broke. Pearls went flying everywhere :(


  1. i love this blazer, and thanks for being such a sweetheart by commenting my blog!


  2. This is a great outfit! I can't wait to see how you style the third piece to this suit!

    Thanks for the advice on the camera :)