Friday, October 15, 2010

Raider's Color Day

Raider's color day yesterday blew. It was terrible compared to last years. The pep rally I mean.
Sorry for not having many posts up lately :S
Things have been craZy, with a capital Z.
This is my friend Chanel and I on raider color day. Raider being a pirate, our school's mascott.
Our school colours are, Gold, Red and Black. It's more of a mustard yellow, and a bloody red to me though.
I didn't have anything yellow or red, so I had to steal my sisters t-shirt and sweater.
Gotta love having a sister to steal clothes from! ;)
LMAO, not Chanels best picture, shes kindof smiling like the grinch. Love you Chanel!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

New Dress!

Today I decided to make a dress. I didn't use any patterns I just sort of started sewing...
I paired it with a belt to make it more flattering. I absolutely love the pattern! And it took me no more than 30 minutes to make!

How to make this dress!
1. Choose a good fabric with a pattern or design that you like. Then measure (I guessed this part) How wide you want the bottom of your dress to be and  cut it out. (Don't worry about length at the moment)
2. With the pattern inside out sew it from top to bottom, so that when you turn it back you don't see the sewing thead.
3. Sew a hem on the top and bottom. Make the top hem atleast an inch wide (the bottom hem can be smaller)
4. At the back of the top of the dress where the sewing is, cut a small slit on either side. Then choose and kind of elastic band and pull it all the way through the hem and out the other side.
5. Now try on the dress pull the elastic string to fit you so that the dress doesn't fall :p and go strut the town! (Also pair with a belt if desired haha)

If you have any questions just comment this blog and I will get back to you!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Fall is on the way, but florals have got to stay!

Haha, yeah I made that title up myself :P
So, I'm trying to get out of summer fashion and in to fall, but I am finding it quite dificult. Today, I have mixed together what I think are fall colors? Like the forest green and brown. But I still had to pair my floral purse with something, so here it is!
The shorts were $5 and the tank was $2, what a steal! The tights, however were $8... and not exactly worth it, you see I ripped them the very first day I wear them -.-

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Me and my Paperbag Skirt

In my previous blog you may remember my new blue blouse with the white collar and the rose in the middel. Well this skirt was once attached to that blouse, however I feel that these two peice are better worn apart.
With the skirt I made a "paperbag" type look with the brown belt, and I wore it with a lacey beige tank with frills on the front.
I'm sorry I haven't written many blogs lately, as you all know, school has begun and I've been pretty busy. But I will try to post atleast once a week, hopefully more!
Thanks for reading!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Searching for inspiration!

All I have been doing lately is buying pieces! Pieces of clothing I mean. I just can't see to get to motivation to put together outfits for them. But in the near future (hopefully before school begins) I hope to make a couple outfits out of these pieces and take some pictures in them. And here they are with discriptions underneath because my camera stinks big ones!

This is a lacey thick strapped tank top that I bought today for $16. Right now Im thinking about just wearing it with a pair of dark blue skinny jeans and brown boots, but I hope to find a skirt to wear with it.

This particular item is actually a thrifted dress I also bought today for $4! It hit up to my knees and it didn't look very flattering on me so I snipped it half was through! I plan of sewing a hem at the bottom and on me (because I have a very long torso) will look like a crop top. A bonus about this dress (which is now a shirt) is that I has shoulder pads! Man oh man, am I even in to them right now!
This is "bottom" half of the dress, which I plan on keeping for now... not sure quite what to do with it yet.

This I paid 2 dollars for it and I couldn't leave it! Its a plain pink cardigan with the cutest eyelet looking prints around the collar and the bottom of it. I have no clue what I am ever going to wear with this. Maybe faded denim shorts? Not sure yet...

And last but not least. The first brown bag I found in my mom's closet the other day! It looks pretty banged up and used but I think I can make it work... maybe. I checked the tag and it was from Aldo. Apparently my mom had got it quite some time ago. The second purse is one I bought thrifted for $6. I think I may try to pair it with the above pink cardigan... hmmm, I'm not to sure yet.

Anyway that is it for now, and I would love to hear opinions or suggestions on these pieces! Thanks!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Got bored of my moms closet

So, I raided my dad's closet this time.
LMAO! How crazy does that sound! But the oufit's not half bad eh?
The shirt is so old! I remember my mom bought it for him when I was a kid when my family went to Parc Safari! Haha, hope you enjoy. I would have wore a belt with it but I couldnt find a black one! I seached my entire house. No old belts lying around :(

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Vintage Playsuit

Yesterday I drove to Ottawa (Thats in Canada) with my mom and my nanny, and the three of us did some thrift shopping! I found this amazing floral vintage romper/playsuit (I like the sound of playsuit better :D!)
I took these picture with my bestest friend Chanel! Her blog HERE! She puts together the cutest outfits so check out her blog. Honestly if it weren't for her I don't think I would have such an intrest in fashion today :)
So here was my outfit today!

Playsuit - Vintage
Necklaces - Vintage
Belt and ring - Garage
Purse - Aldo (borrowed form my friend Chanell!)
Shoes - H&M

Friday, August 13, 2010

Raided moms closet again.

Today I am wearing my moms beige knit cardigan, pearls and wool socks. When I walked into the kitchen this morning she laughed and looked me up and down. I rudely said, What? But I knew she thought my outfit was ridiculous. I don't care, most of the peices were hers anyway.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

It's Laundry Day!

Today was a good day. I tidied up the house, got in a run, got threw the work meeting, then went and did some laundry. Yes, my family does own a wash machine, however our laundry room was filling up and my mom insisted on catching up. So, while my sister and I were waiting we got some pictures of my outfit today :)

Above is my sister and I.
Here I am wearing a Tunic from H&M and a skirt from ZARA.
The buttons on the skirt are the cutest, they have little anchors on them :)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Oh my gosh. What a week. I am so sorry I have not had any time to post any blogs! I had the past week was crazy. First I worked 7 days stright then finally took a mini vacation with my boyfriend and my sister and her boyfriend. We went up to Cambridge and visited the African Lion Safari! It was amazing, I have pictures on facebook, add me if you wish to see them :)

But enough about that. I have a new look! All the piece I've had for a while now, I just deicded to put them all together and make this,

Skirt - Zara
Boots - Roxy from Urban Trade
Shambray Shirt - Moms
Pink Tee - Moms

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Great steals!

These awesome sequin shorts were such a steal! They were only $5 and I bought them at Forever 21!
The shades were also cheep, I only paid $4 for them, the week after I bought them I saw the same pair in a small shop on Young street in Toronto for $20! Gosh I love bargains <3 :)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Part two of thrifted suit

Blazer/jacket - Part of the thrifted outfit I bought (see previous blog)
Necklace - Found in mom's room
Bag - Roxy
Shorts - Hurley
Heels - Borrowed from sister room (Shhh she doesn't know I took them)

This outfit took me a grand total of 50 seconds to come up with. However, getting ready to take the pictures is another story... This morning I threw on the outfit, heels and all, and then I misplaced my camera. I ran threw out the house searching for it, all the while I had to tip toe in the heels because my dad was still asleep. Lets just say shit would hit the fan if he was awoken by the sound heels walking around the hardwood floors. My calves started to hurt, cause hey have you ever tryed tip toeing in high heels? It's not fun trust me. So I gave up and ran down stairs and stole my dads camera, which could be a good thing because his is sooooooo much better than mine.

In other news, right at the end of taking these pictures my arm went threw the peal neck lace and it broke. Pearls went flying everywhere :(

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Its time to get creative!

Yesterday I went out thrift store shopping with my sister and I found this suit. It came with capris denim pants and a denim blazer. So, I purchased the suit, brought it home, cut up the pants and made this outfit! ^
The necklace is also homemade. While rumaging threw my moms jewlery I found this brown bow broach, then I linked together two old necklace chains, took a glue gun and glued the bow to the chain and VOILA! :)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Who ever said stripes and florals don't mix?

I use to have the BIGGEST problem with matching patterns and colours, a couple months ago almost all of my wardrobe was solid colours. Now, however I am proud to say I am a changed woman ;) thanks to my friend Chanel who has introduced me to a fashion world with all sorts of print and designs!
Below is me wearing a pinstripe button down that I swipped from my moms room ;) and a vintage floral bag purchase at a thrift store...

Also, here is a picture I took (again mixing florals and stripes) on a park bench in Toronto :)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Went shopping in Toronto

So last week I went down to Toronto with my boyfriend, and ofcourse he took me shopping(gotta love him for that) Anyway, this is an outfit I put together with my findings. The shorts are from forever 21, the shirt is from H&M, the jacket I've had for a while, I got it at Urban Trade, its billabong.