Saturday, August 21, 2010

Got bored of my moms closet

So, I raided my dad's closet this time.
LMAO! How crazy does that sound! But the oufit's not half bad eh?
The shirt is so old! I remember my mom bought it for him when I was a kid when my family went to Parc Safari! Haha, hope you enjoy. I would have wore a belt with it but I couldnt find a black one! I seached my entire house. No old belts lying around :(


  1. love it! it looks so comfy...I raid my boyfriends closet all the time in the fall and winter because I love wearing his sweaters. It drives him crazy haha.

  2. hey, you gimmie that flannel!
    lol love it.

  3. Cool outfit, it's so much fun borrowing someone else's clothes 'cuz you can put your own spin on it, tehe.