Monday, August 30, 2010

Searching for inspiration!

All I have been doing lately is buying pieces! Pieces of clothing I mean. I just can't see to get to motivation to put together outfits for them. But in the near future (hopefully before school begins) I hope to make a couple outfits out of these pieces and take some pictures in them. And here they are with discriptions underneath because my camera stinks big ones!

This is a lacey thick strapped tank top that I bought today for $16. Right now Im thinking about just wearing it with a pair of dark blue skinny jeans and brown boots, but I hope to find a skirt to wear with it.

This particular item is actually a thrifted dress I also bought today for $4! It hit up to my knees and it didn't look very flattering on me so I snipped it half was through! I plan of sewing a hem at the bottom and on me (because I have a very long torso) will look like a crop top. A bonus about this dress (which is now a shirt) is that I has shoulder pads! Man oh man, am I even in to them right now!
This is "bottom" half of the dress, which I plan on keeping for now... not sure quite what to do with it yet.

This I paid 2 dollars for it and I couldn't leave it! Its a plain pink cardigan with the cutest eyelet looking prints around the collar and the bottom of it. I have no clue what I am ever going to wear with this. Maybe faded denim shorts? Not sure yet...

And last but not least. The first brown bag I found in my mom's closet the other day! It looks pretty banged up and used but I think I can make it work... maybe. I checked the tag and it was from Aldo. Apparently my mom had got it quite some time ago. The second purse is one I bought thrifted for $6. I think I may try to pair it with the above pink cardigan... hmmm, I'm not to sure yet.

Anyway that is it for now, and I would love to hear opinions or suggestions on these pieces! Thanks!

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