Sunday, September 12, 2010

Me and my Paperbag Skirt

In my previous blog you may remember my new blue blouse with the white collar and the rose in the middel. Well this skirt was once attached to that blouse, however I feel that these two peice are better worn apart.
With the skirt I made a "paperbag" type look with the brown belt, and I wore it with a lacey beige tank with frills on the front.
I'm sorry I haven't written many blogs lately, as you all know, school has begun and I've been pretty busy. But I will try to post atleast once a week, hopefully more!
Thanks for reading!


  1. the dress looks much better, now that you have made it into a skirt! i really really like it! xx

  2. i love your looks....btw in love with you blouse<3

  3. This look is gorgeous! I love it - definitely something I'd wear, too :)
    Thanks for your comment and for following -- I'll be following back, your blog is great!