Monday, September 13, 2010

Fall is on the way, but florals have got to stay!

Haha, yeah I made that title up myself :P
So, I'm trying to get out of summer fashion and in to fall, but I am finding it quite dificult. Today, I have mixed together what I think are fall colors? Like the forest green and brown. But I still had to pair my floral purse with something, so here it is!
The shorts were $5 and the tank was $2, what a steal! The tights, however were $8... and not exactly worth it, you see I ripped them the very first day I wear them -.-


  1. tights can be such a pain!!! I always rip mine :( leggings are a safer option hehe xx love the shorts!

  2. Very cute! I love that bag, it can be hard to transition into fall. This weekend was chilly and I was all bundled up but yesterday I was sweating wearing boots. haha

  3. your shorts are wrinkled.
    but you're still cute as fuck so it's good.