Tuesday, September 14, 2010

New Dress!

Today I decided to make a dress. I didn't use any patterns I just sort of started sewing...
I paired it with a belt to make it more flattering. I absolutely love the pattern! And it took me no more than 30 minutes to make!

How to make this dress!
1. Choose a good fabric with a pattern or design that you like. Then measure (I guessed this part) How wide you want the bottom of your dress to be and  cut it out. (Don't worry about length at the moment)
2. With the pattern inside out sew it from top to bottom, so that when you turn it back you don't see the sewing thead.
3. Sew a hem on the top and bottom. Make the top hem atleast an inch wide (the bottom hem can be smaller)
4. At the back of the top of the dress where the sewing is, cut a small slit on either side. Then choose and kind of elastic band and pull it all the way through the hem and out the other side.
5. Now try on the dress pull the elastic string to fit you so that the dress doesn't fall :p and go strut the town! (Also pair with a belt if desired haha)

If you have any questions just comment this blog and I will get back to you!


  1. wow you are very talented...I love the print and fit of the dress!

  2. Great idea. The dress looks lovely.xx

  3. ou, ur blog is so amazing :)

    follow me :***